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Hi, I want to ask what's your fan mail address and phone number ;)? Please tell.. Good luck for upcoming matches.

Fahad, Pakistan

My fan mail address is -

Stuart Broad,

International Sports Management, Cherry Tree Farm, Cherry Tree Lane, Rostherne, Cheshire, WA14 3RZ

Hey Stuart! First of all best of luck for the series against Pakistan, I’m sure u guys would do great:)) As for the question, what would be an ideal date for you? I suppose your schedule doesn’t allow u much time outside cricket, still is there any possibility of a relationship around the corner?

Dipika, London

The England schedule is a very busy one. We will be staying in hotels for about half the year! I'm happy being single at the moment.

What will you do after retirement from cricket, any future planning.....?

Faddy, Pakistan

That's a really interesting question but I have to admit it's something I haven't really given much thought. I'm only 25 and realise I do need to plan for the future but I'm hoping to be around on the field for some time yet.

Hi Stuart, I am a great England supporter and big fan of yours. I was wondering why you've decided to do IPL in 2012?

Chrissy Davies, Windsor, Berkshire

This is a question which quite a few people have asked me. I have decided to play in the IPL because it is a fantastic opportunity to play with and against some of the best cricketers in the world. It is also a chance to get more experience playing on Indian wickets in front of huge crowds with superb atmospheres. I'm sure It is something which any cricketer would love to sample.

Do you enjoy your captaincy more or you worry more about the responsibilities?

Shattal Kumari, Assam

Being selected to captain England was a huge honour and something that I have really enjoyed so far. Of course there is a lot more pressure when you are setting fields and deciding who to bowl but I love to be involved as much as possible. I'm looking forward to captaining the T20 side in the UAE this winter.

Will you be playing many matches for Notts this season or will it be mainly England games again?

Vivien Harvey, Middlesex

We have got a very busy schedule with England this year and hopefully I will stay fit and keep my place in the team. If I have the opportunity to play some games for Notts that will be great. I love playing at Trent Bridge and catching up everyone there. I owe the club so much for how they have helped me in my career so far.

Hey, Stuart u r one of my favourite cricketers and the reason I got interested in cricket.YOUR SENSE OF STYLE IS AMAZING!!!! My question is do u have something that u always take on tour with u. Ps good luck against pakistan XXXX

Mahnoor, Canada

Thanks for the question Mahnoor.

We spend a lot of time in our hotel rooms so I like to chill out and play games on my Xbox. It's good fun playing against the rest of the lads. I've also just bought a new iPad which is really cool.


Zahra, Pakistan

I'm a big Nottingham Forest fan and they play in red so I'll go with red! I love watching tennis, it was great when the England team got invited to Wimbledon last year.

Hi Stuart...I am your biggest fan..You are the best player in the world...I wanted to ask you, who is the person that you miss when you are on a tour?? And who is the first person that you meet after coming back from any tour.. Love and regards :)

Rabiya Merchant, Karachi,Pakistan

I definitely miss my mum and her cooking when I'm away on tour! It's also great to catch up with my mates from outside the England team when I get back.

Hi Stuart, I'm your biggest're an amazing player and the only reason I watch cricket. What I'd like to know is, are you a Red Bull fan and did you enjoy the F1 race in Abu Dhabi?

riddhi, London

I have a bit of a superstition - I always drink a can of Red Bull before going out to bat. It was awesome taking my dad to the grand prix because he is a life-long fan and really enjoyed it. I found the whole experience sensational.

Hi Stuart, I am one of your biggest fans. You have written an outstanding book. Which book is your favourite and who is your favorite author?

Priyanka, Sri Lanka

I get lots of time to read when I am travelling with England so get through quite a lot of books. My favourite so for is Band Brothers by Steven E. Ambrose - it's fantastic.

Firstly, congratulations on being handed the captaincy!!!! Now my question:Who is your favourite tennis player? And do you play any sports other than cricket?

Charulata, India

I do like watching some of the tennis in fact I think I am going to try and go to Wimbledon this year. I guess if I could choose to watch one player it would be Nadal, but being British I will be hoping for a Murray win.  The only other sport I actually play is golf as we are not really allowed to play many other sports incase we get injured.

Hi Stuart. Congratulations on being selected as a T20 Captain. Did u expect it?

Sana, Peshawar

Thanks for the message.  Yes,  it was very unexpected but also very exciting.  It  was my  dream to one day captain the country.

Hi Stuart, I'm a massive fan and I love you to bits! I would just like to know, whenever you've got some spare time what do you do? xxx

Harriet Wood, New Forest, Hampshire

Thanks for your support.  As I travel a lot  with the team, I don't get too much time to spend with family , so whenever I have time off I always try and spend a lot of time with them. I also love to play golf which helps to relax after playing.

Who is your favourite footballer in the soccer games?

Rokiya Chand, Pakistan

I love my football but cant say I have a favourite player.  I love watching Rooney play and the energy he puts into his game.

You are a very famous cricketer in the world. What happened to you in icc world cup ? Why didn't you play?

Thanuri Navindi, Sri Lanka

Hi Thanuri,

Sadly I picked up an injury before the world cup so that ruled me out of the competition.

Thanks for the question.

Hi Stuart, congrats on the 20/20 Captaincy, hope it works out and that the team grows. The question I would like to ask is; in the new photo's for the

Jez, Woodley, Reading

Thanks for your support Jez..  I hope it works out too!  The watch I am wearing is one from a Jean-Mairet & Gillman collection. 

Just want to say that you're my role model and you made me love cricket! :) What made you want to start playing cricket?

Mahwash, Birmingham

Thanks for your nice comments, its always great getting comments like that from fans.

Well my Dad used to play for England so it has always been in the family to play cricket.  A lot of my childhood memories are of me playing cricket in the garden.


Hi Stuart! What is your favouite food?

Kashphia, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I have to say I like Asian food and my favourite restuarant is probably Zuma in London.


Sethu Madhavan, India

He is really awkward to bowl against, as he hits you in areas that you are not used to.

Fantastic player for the crowds to watch.

Hi, you have been one of my favorite england players for a good few years now and I have just read your book on the Ashes victory; some parts really made me chuckle. What inspired you to write the book? Did you enjoy writing it? How much input did you have from other people whilst writing the work?xx

Hannah Roswell, Munich

I am glad you enjoyed reading the book it was great fun writing it.

I wrote it alongside a friend of mine called Paul Newman so it was amazing re-living some of my moments of the summer and also of during my childhood.

Fingers crossed I will write another one, one day so I hope you enjoy that one as much.

Do you find it strange/creepy that so many girls want to marry you? Or is it kinda flattering? x

Ellen Mould, Portsmouth

Its amazing to have female followers, although I am not sure many would want to marry me if they knew all my annoying habits....

Its great now that cricket attracts more girls to watching it so long may that continue..

Right Broady what is your best car and what do you drive?

Oliver Cook, High Peak

I am really lucky in the fact that I have 2 amazing cars!

One is a Range Rover Sport and the other is a Jaguar.

I love cricket and was just wondering what job would be doing if you weren't a cricketer? :)

Becky Powell, staffordshire

I get asked this question so many times and guess what !!! I have no idea what I would of been doing. I suppose I would of liked to of still worked in sport, but doing what I don't know !!

Hey Broady :)! I'm a wiki but I sometimes have to bowl. I'm not the best at bowling so can you give me any tips? Also, whats your favourite type of console and game - ps2, xbox etc?

Teigan, Brisbane

Tough question !! I think I will have to go for XBOX!!

It must be tough for you to wicket keep and bowl, not sure I could do that !!

I think the best thing I can suggest is putting some hours in practising your bowling in the nets so at least you are ready when it comes to the game.

Good luck !

I like your style of bowl Broady, may god give you a lot of success in your life and what is your favourite game other than cricket?

ahmad, faisalabad

I like most sports, but football is the one that I watch most of .  I am an avid Nottingham Forest supporter and I lile to support Leicester Tigers Rugby !


What is the secret of your success?

Akshay, India

Hard work, dedication and having fun!

What are the nicknames given to you?

Sakshi dubey, India

Just Broady – not very original!

Who is your best friend in the team?

Fazila , Dubai

We are all good friends and get on really well with each other.

What is it like playing cricket in front of all those people?

Emma, London

It is always amazing feeling to play for your county and playing in front of our fans.  Home or away it is always a special feeling to have the crowds there to spur us on.



Nishi, India

I like to spend my free time either watching football or playing on my games consoles.  I am a big game and enjoy playing on the Xbox or on losing a good few hours on Football Manager!!

Who is mostly missed by u when you are away from home?

imman khan, pakistan

My mum and her cooking !

Who is your favourite opponent to face?

Sinead Farrelly, Ireland

I don’t really have a favourite opponent, all players challenge in different ways.

Who do you most enjoy batting with, in the England team any why? Also, which position do you like batting at?

Will Estlea, London

I’m comfortable in the position I bat at the moment.  I generally bat with Matt Prior and Graeme Swann and I feel this works well for me.

what was going through your head when u you were going to make your first ODI century?and congrats!!

wafa, riyadh

As it got closer to the century I did get a little bit more nervous, but I remained focussed.  It was a great feeling when I achieved it.

Broady who is your favourite footballer?


I’m a massive football Nottingham Forest fan, but I love watching Rooney play.

Congratulations on getting your first test hundred! How does it feel to have beaten your dad's highest score?

Elizabeth Farnell, West Bromwich, West Midlands

It  was a really special day when I got my 100 and I did text my dad straight away to let him know!!

What is your most favourite pass time? Name just one :-D

Fariha, Bangladesh

I like watching football or playing on my XBox